Whidbey Island Weddings: Signature Cocktails From Whidbey Island’s Mutiny Bay Distillery

Our friends at Mutiny Bay Distillery (remember our fun tour and tasting?) have developed some wonderful cocktail recipes that we know would be absolute stars at your Whidbey Island wedding!  Each of the following recipes features Mutiny Bay Distillery’s (MBD) products, which will lend an authentic island vibe to your cocktail hour.  MBD’s whiskey is made from wheat grown on the family farm in the Palouse region of Washington State.  The blueberries in MBD’s silky blueberry liqueur are grown at the farm next door to the distillery and their ultra-smooth coffee liqueur uses locally roasted Useless Bay Coffee Company’s Sweet Baby Island blend.  If unique cocktails featuring local ingredients matter to you, the good people of Mutiny Bay Distillery have what you need!

Below are some of the signature cocktail recipes MBD have shared with us.  We can’t wait to see what you choose to feature for your Whidbey Island wedding!

MBD Old Fashioned: MBD’s Bayside Whiskey/MBD’s Sweet Lulu 2:1, Angostura Bitters, orange rind, over ice.

Manhattan Mutiny: MBD’s Bayside Whiskey, MBD’s Sweet Lulu, MBD’s Blueberry Liqueur 2:1:1/2, dash bitters, berries or cherry in bottom, over ice or shaken, strained.

Island Mule: MBD’s Bayside Whiskey, ginger beer or ginger ale 1:2 (or to taste), fresh lime juice and lime slice, over ice.

“Palouse Julep”: MBD’s Palouse Gold (or MBD’s Bayside Whiskey), MBD’s Sweet Lulu 1.5:1, fresh mint, soda water, lemon or orange twist over ice.  Muddle mint, use soda to taste.  (Some recipes call for 2 oz. whiskey and 1 oz. MBD’s Sweet Lulu.)

Mutiny Sweet Tea: Chilled Black Tea, MBD’s Sweet Lulu 3:1, lemon or orange twist, over ice.  (MBD uses Lipton Coldbrew, easy and not bitter…add a little baking soda if bitter.)  Example: 6 oz. glass filled with ice, fill with tea, add 1 oz. Sweet Lulu and straw!

Cucumber Lulu: MBD’s Sweet Lulu 1 jigger, cucumber slices, soda water, lemon twist.  Muddle cucumber and add other ingredients, over ice.

“Sweetini”: MBD’s Sweet Lulu 2 oz. (or as desired), pour over ice in shaker, strain, add lemon twist.

Blueberry Mojito: MBD’s Blueberry Liqueur, soda water 2:1, fresh mint, lemon twist, blueberries.  Muddle blueberries and mint leaves, add liqueur, soda and lemon.

Blueberry Spritzer: MBD’s Blueberry Liqueur, soda water 1:2, lemon twist, over ice.

Blueberry Lemonade: MBD’s Blueberry Liqueur, rosemary lemonade 1:3, over ice.  (Add lemon juice to taste if too sweet.)

MBD Coffee Liqueur: Serve 2:1 with half and half or cream, in coffee with whip, over ice or neat.

White Russian: 2/3 oz. (2 parts) MBD’s Coffee Liqueur, 1-2/3 oz. (5 parts) Vodka, 1 oz. (3 parts) cream.

Coffee Chata: MBD’s Coffee Liqueur, Rum Chata 1:1, over ice.

Ask us about featuring Mutiny Bay Distillery products at your Whidbey Island weddingMutiny Bay Distillery is open Thursday through Monday, from 11 am to 5 pm.  Stop in, taste and choose your signature cocktail!